Please review this presentation for more information on how the 12 statements of technology came to be.

  1. We suggest implementing technology where it supports our primary purpose of carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
  2. We are responsible and assess value when using self-support funds for technology initiatives.
  3. We are responsible where anonymity is more vulnerable to a wider audience with increased speed or new sensation.
  4. An informed group conscience is paramount to technology decision-making.
  5. We strive to understand where Individual versus Group values are different.
  6. We perform due diligence and rely on demonstrable A.A. experience.
  7. We record non-technical requirements before making technology choices.
  8. We take care to understand the property value and legal implications of technology used for A.A. purposes before making binding decisions.
  9. We are responsible for transparency in discovery, process, & implementation.
  10. We use technology to make information available, not to limit it.
  11. We communicate and support the intended service level.
  12. We consider how best to Pass it On.