September 20-22, 2019
2019 Workshop Report


Audio and presentation material, if available, can be accessed by clicking on the Session Title below.


Concepts, Conflict and CommunityDon M. – Broomfield, CO
Connecting Remote CommunitiesSusan W. – Austin, TX, Tim R. – RV Nomad, Elizabeth J. – Beverly Hills, FL
GSO Web/App UpdatesClement C. – New York, NY, GSO, Julie G. – New York, NY, GSO
Coding Websites for Other LanguagesCheri J. – Kansas City, MO
Connecting through Technology at the Area LevelRoyce E. – Freehold, NJ
Digital Archiving, File Management and RotationJoel G. – Houston, TX
No Code App Development for AARob C. – Belleville, IL
TIAA Forum UpdateKeith D. – Dallas, TX
Birds of a Feather – Sessions 1, 2, 3Various
Birds of a Feather – Sessions 4, 5, 6 Various


Technology Practices in Other CountriesPaul S. – Kunming, Yunnan, Nagini V. – Pitea, Sweden, Sean W. – China
12 Step Technology – Email and ChatKeith D. – Dallas, TX, Ross D. – Oklahoma City, OK
Google and Microsoft Platforms for AABruce R. – Mount Arlington, NJ, Alex M. – Washington DC
Cultural Effects of Technology on AABrian P. – Los Angeles, CA
Sharing Technology from Areas to DistrictsChris W. – Columbia, MO, Peter M. – St. Louis, MO
Simplifying the Digital BasketChristina R. – Stockton, CA
NAATW Future Website DiscussionBlaine B. – Andover, MA, Alex M. – Washington DC
Using Technology to Enhance AA ConferencesPhillip C. – Nashville, TN, Spencer W. – Atlanta, GA
Visions for the GrapevineDon M. – Bloomfield, CO
Bridging AA Communication GapsTerry P. – Columbia, MD
Meeting and Group Data – Using AirTableAdam S. – Albany, NY
Call Up AA Meeting – Technology and My Recovery (sharing)Various


Annual NAATW Member Meeting (Minutes)