What is NAATW?

NAATW is made up of people from varying backgrounds in service and varying geographic regions. There seems to be a growing realization that Alcoholics Anonymous is somehow moving into a technological age, but we are not sure what form that we might, or ought to take. We are here to communicate our experiences and to “INFORM” ourselves about our needs and our experiences when using technology in our service work. All forms of service are involved; Intergroup, General Service, or at the Home Group level. NAATW is a forum for learning to frame the right questions and sharing the group’s current answers as well as past and current experience. It gives opportunity for group collaboration and new ideas to spark. It has been said that technology in Alcoholics Anonymous was an oxymoron three year ago and that is no longer the case, we are rapidly moving into the 21st century.

We actively realize the long list of technical actions already known, that we need to take in order to utilize the next available app or device feature. Our choices have become more involved as that list of options has grown… and grown… and grown. We are down to the actions which require change and growth. Our groups, our committees, and our trusted servants are not new to dealing with discussions over content and functionality on websites. Members have smartphones and access to desktop and cloud-based tools and a desire to contribute their time. This growth has some natural challenges in a fellowship centered on Unity and the Informed Group Conscience. NAATW’s Workshop is to assist in creating technologically informed members.


We share information, methods, procedures, ethics and our enthusiasm at each technology workshop as we continue to gather, grow, and serve. 
We demonstrate and share technology related experience, strength, and hope.


We work together to serve and provide meaningful, useful and up-to-date technology expertise to the fellowship, members and non-member friends (special workers in technology). Our hope is to share the message of Alcoholics Anonymous through technology to help the next alcoholic.

Contact us!

Be a part of the AA Technology Team! If you and your team are working on an innovative project that you believe would help improve AA technology services, please let us know so we can work together to improve our tech services to make it easier to: Reach the next alcoholic and pass on the message of hope.