According to the organizing charter and principles: The Steering Committee shall have at a minimum a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Other positions and subcommittees may be designated and defined as needed. There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eleven (11) Steering Committee Members.

Each Steering Committee member:

  • Will be invited and is expected to participate with a vote in any and all steering committee meetings.
  • Is agreeable to serve a maximum of five (5) successive Workshop Periods commitment.
  • Technical and/or Non-Technical experience in conjunction with technology use in AA is preferred.
  • Service experience within the service structure, intergroup, conventions, conferences, and assemblies will be helpful.

Current Officers:

Chairperson: Eddy M. – Seattle, WA

Treasurer: Glenn W. – Coco, FL

Alt Chairperson: – Carolyn O. – Ottawa, ON

Secretary: Keith D. – Flower Mound, TX

Technologist: Keith D. – Flower Mound, TX

Other Steering Committee Members:

Daniel C. – Asheville, NC

Karen P. – Santee, CA

J. Buck R. – Lewes, DE

Heidi T. – Walnut Creek, CA