2022 NAATW Workshop, Seattle, Hosted by Area 72

Theme: Moving Forward Together

As we emerge from the pandemic: technology lessons learned, what worked, what didn’t and where we go from here

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FRIDAY September 8, 2022

Concept 12 and Technology
This session will connect the 12 Concepts of World Service to technology in AA.
PRESENTER(S): Mary T., Mukilteo, WA; Crystal S., Sumner, WA; Betsy S., Tucson, AZ

Communication Channels in A.A.
This session will cover questions like should discussion on AA direction be limited to the annual General Service Conference or should the 2.2 million A.A. members have a back channel to consider new ideas? A comparison of our current channels (the Conference, Grapevine, and Box 459) to alternative channels such as Stack Exchange and Discord will be presented. PRESENTER(S): Jim F., Mountain View, CA

What Makes a Great Hybrid Experience:
This session will focus on how NAATW is delivering hybrid during the event. It will include a show and tell of the technology hardware and software being used and a discussion of the logistical pieces that need to be in place to ensure both online and in-person attendees can participate fully in the event. Discussions of the different levels of hybrid quality will be included. This session is envisioned to be not presented strictly from a podium but will provide different viewpoints to show how the technology is working.
PRESENTER(S): Mike W., Boston, MA; Laura S., St. Louis, MO

Digital Payment Platforms for 7th Tradition
An update on available systems for 7th Tradition online contributions.
PRESENTER(S): Terry P., Columbia, MD

SATURDAY, September 10, 2022

Innovation in A.A.: Technology Adoption as a Unifying Factor

In this session the speaker will highlight a history of successful innovation in AA, running experiments as learning experiences and the benefits of trial and error to facilitate technology adoption. Specific uses of the 12 Concepts to channel conflict into productive action will also be covered.

PRESENTER(S): Don M. Broomfield, CO

Report and Discussion with AAWS Staff Regarding Technology

G.S.O. Staff members will share on the following: Meeting Guide, aa.org, Fellowship Connection, The new Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS) portal, Digital distribution of A.A. literature in correctional facilities, The Comprehensive Media Plan and Development of new content for YouTube, LinkedIn, aa.org and others
PRESENTER(S): Tracey G., Patrick C., Clorinda V., Lorna G. – New York, NY

A.A. Grapevine Technology Discussion
In this session the presenter will highlight technical updates going on at A.A. Grapevine. In addition, she will request feedback on future technology direction.
Niurka M. New York, NY

Tips and Tools for Online Groups:

In this panel presentation 3 members from different groups share how they do things as an online group. Members will share tips and tools for recovery unity and service online.
Craig W., Sandy Hook, CT; Nagini V., Pitea, Sweden

Blast from the Past – Inspiring Engagement in General Service
We’ll watch this NAATW 2017 session together and chat afterwards.

An Interactive Look at A.A. Maps
This presentation will cover how interactive Google Maps are used and created for various purposes including district maps, correction facilities and bridging the gap in Area 38.
PRESENTER(S):  Peter M., St Louis, MO; Matt C., Austin, TX

Sharing Experience Using Office 365 and Google for Non-profits:
The presenters in this session will cover how they’ve used Office 365 and Google Workspace in their areas for different service needs.
Bruce R., Mount Arlington, NJ; James C. University Place, WA

Key Elements and Spiritual Ingredients of an A.A. Website
This session will present the elements to include in an updated area website. Suggestions on how to keep pages updated with new content and a discussion of the spiritual ingredients that may be implemented will be covered.
Kerri K., Los Lunas, NM

How to Get the Most Out of the TIAA Forum
Founded in 2014, the TIAA Forum has grown to over 2,000 members who share their experience using technology in service of AA to help carry the message. This session will be an overview of what the forum is, a demo of some of its features, and a preview of some coming changes to the forum that will make it even easier to get the information and help you need.

The $12 (Plus Tax) a Year Website and Tech Stack
A presentation on how the Puget Sound Central Service Office developed a comprehensive website and tech stack by utilizing a variety of free services (Google Sites, GitHub Pages, and others).

Managing Your Area Contacts by Leveraging Airtable:

Presenters in this session will share about using Airtable to allow Registrars to communicate with Districts more effectively.

Code For Recovery – How We All Make Meeting Listings Better
Members of Code for Recovery will discuss and demonstrate best practices we’ve observed to effectively manage meeting information between geographical areas and keep meeting information accurate.
Tim R., Nomad; Wayne P., Edmonton, AB

Using Technology to Efficiently Assign Delegates to Conference Committees:

In 2020 a web application was used to assign first year delegates to conference committees. This session will present a more detailed view of how the software works and some of the challenges in the development process going forward, particularly related to application design.

PRESENTER(S): SJ. Portland, OR

Translation and Meeting Interpretation Technology Literature

An overview of translation for documents and interpretation for various recovery & service meetings, including what are the solutions, how is it done, who does it, and how much does it cost? Best (and worst) practices and Area experience will also be discussed.

PRESENTER(S): Allise B., Bryan, TX; Shannon O., Scottsdale, AZ

Blast from the Past Replay: Let’s Do Hybrid

We’ll watch this NAATW 2021 session together and chat afterwards.

Blast from the Past Replay: Cultural Effects of Technology on A.A.

We’ll watch this NAATW 2019 session together and chat afterwards.

SUNDAY, September 11, 2022

NAATW Members’ Meeting
The NAATW Steering Committee’s report back to the NAATW members.
Election of new NAATW Steering Committee members.

PRESENTER(S): All members