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FRIDAY, November 18, 2016

000 – Conference Introduction

130 – Discussion and Sharing

140A – Sustainable Website Solutions Using WordPress (Hearn B)

(John C. of The Men’s Shed Group, Fox Lake, IL)
Learn of a solution for building simple sustainable area, district or group websites with WordPress. Not requiring expert programming or coding knowledge, such websites can be maintained across rotations. There will also be suggestions for building a prototype basic site package that could be transferred to any of those units or easy start-up.

140B – Building the NAATW Event App
(Sam M. of The Way-Out Group, Greensboro, NC)
Experience a walkthrough of using the tool used to create the NAATW 2016 Event App. Topics include preparation, tour of back-end and front-end, sample widget creation/editing, push notifications. Leave with general app-building information and familiarity with one tool to use or compare to other tools for events in their locales.

140C – The 5th Dimension Group, One Example of Online AA

(Alex H. of 5th Dimension Group, Online)
Learn about the brief history and story behind the 5th Dimension Group. We will discuss the logistics, success, failures and have a demonstration of how the meeting operates in a practical way. In short, a working model of how 5D works and how online AA can help people.

150A – Our Primary Purpose at Scale (Hearn D)
(Fred M. of 5th Dimension Group, Online)
How many people did we help relative to the money and time spent? Ways to responsibly leverage technology to find efficiencies and automate otherwise manual processes in order to vastly expand the impact a single AA member can make. Simple tools which have incredibly broad and potent service applications and are extremely well-suited to surviving our spirit of rotation and volunteer resourcing. Using analytics as baseline metrics and ongoing tracking for evaluating our effectiveness (very much in the spirit of inventory).

150B – Uses of GSO’s FNV Database (Hearn B)

(Ross D. of New Haven Group, Tulsa, OK; Ralph T. of The Dawn Patrol Group, Albuquerque, NM) GSO’s Fellowship New Vision data is made available for download by the Areas. This session will briefly describe some examples of how that extensive data on
groups and trusted servants has been used by two Areas, then will go to discussion of other Areas’ uses of the data, and brainstorming ideas for possible uses.

160 – Discussion and Sharing

BOF – Birds of a Feather 1, 2, 3

BOF – Birds of a Feather 4, 5, 6

SATURDAY, November 19, 2016

200 – Welcome

210 – How Do You Beta Test a Group Conscience? (Hearn B)

(Josh E. of Basics Group, Durham, NC)
How do we change from within a change-averse culture? By looking at the historical role of the Grapevine and exploring its potential future, we will talk about the challenges for first time ideas within Alcoholics Anonymous and the crucial value of the individual, trust, and unity in our process. I hope to leave
ample time to brainstorm and hear from the audience and what they see as the best possible future for the Grapevine and where they get information today that is historically or potentially Grapevine content. And, of course, updates on all the
latest and greatest from Grapevine and La Viña.

220A – Drag ‘n Drop Web Design Panel (Hearn B)

(Lew G. of Saturday Night Jive Group, Boulder, CO, Fred M. of 5th Dimension Group [online], Daniel C., Buck R. of Yays and Nays Group, Washington, DC)
Panelists will share some experience with creating and maintaining internet presence, answer audience questions (allow maximum time for questions), start discussions around this, and support people finding answers to ongoing questions.

220B – Managing Challenges Related to Data Storage (Hearn D)
(Laura M. of Women’s New Beginning Group, Elgin, IL)
Presentation about options for storing information and the challenges they present. About AAWS’s archiving solution and points to make about it that may be helpful in deciding how to store information and make it accessible. Security concerns and anonymity for public content. Leave with some rough ideas about
how to talk to local members regarding the options and how making content available in the cloud isn’t as confusing or scary as it seems. Glossary of IT Terms – Lela M. What are On-line meetings? – Virginia M. 

Increasing Participation using Technologies – Kelley M.

240A – Creating & Running a Successful Online Discussion Forum in AA (Lew G. of Saturday Night Jive Group, Boulder, CO)
Presenter will explain the utility of an online forum – in general and as pertains to AA specifically, discuss options about how to set up and build a successful forum, offer suggestions as to “next steps” toward setting up an AA discussion forum.

240B – Become A Technology Guru in Sixty Minutes (Hearn B)

(Gerald B. of Living Sober Group, New York, NY)
An understanding of how computers operate on a hardware and software level. The ability to made changes to a Windows system using the functions in Control Panel and Registry settings. The ability to change browser settings. An intermediate understanding of how Ethernet and Wi Fi work and how to work with those settings. The ability to find answers on how to fix issues from Blue
Screens to Hard Drive failures. How to decide what hardware to purchase to meet your needs.

250A – Use Drupal 8 to Build Your City, District, or Area Website (Doug G. of Small Mall Group, Winchester, VA)


250B – Digital Strategy and Tools for AA Websites (Melissa E. of Outback Group, Durham, NC & Lois L. of Nick of Time Group, St. Louis, MO) Attendees will learn the following regarding AA websites: How do establish a primary purpose for your site and why that is important. How to define goals for site visitors and tools that can help deliver on those goals – we call this part into
action. How to measure if your site is working for you – or in AA language – how to take continuous inventory of your AA site or application. In addition attendees will receive a handout with resources for further learning.


270 – NAATW Presentation: New Guidelines and Workshops 1-3 review with

Q&A The NAATW Steering Committee presents a review of the past three years along with a discussion of the proposed new guidelines. A timeslot during this session has been reserved for all NAATW members to ask questions and provide feedback regarding the new guidelines, as well as NAATW in general.

SUNDAY, November 20, 2016

310 – NAATW Annual Members meeting minutes

330 – NAATW Annual Member Meeting

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