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Q: Who is a member of NAATW?

  • You are!
  • The only requirement to be a voting member of NAATW is to be present at our annual members meeting on Sunday.


Q: How do I get involved in service within NAATW?

  • Attend the members meeting on Sunday (that goes without saying).
  • Stand for one of the 3 open Steering Committee positions.
  • Send an email to info@naatw.org and tell us that you’d like to help. Or just talk to any Steering Committee member.
  • We have a unique opportunity this year. The 2020 International AA Conference in Detroit is a big stage. At the 2015 International Conference in Atlanta, NAATW was only one year old. We are now six years old, have more years of experience, and plan to have a hospitality room. 2020 should be our biggest Workshop ever and we need your help.


Q: How do I bid to host a future Workshop?

  • See http://naatw.org/bidding-for-future-workshops 
  • We try to move the Workshop around geographically. Ideally we’d follow a schedule that goes somewhere in the middle of the country every other year and to each coast every fourth year. In practicality, we go wherever someone is willing to host.
  • Talk to any Steering Committee Member to let us know your intention, or just send an email to chair@naatw.org.
  • We have plans for 2020 that will be announced on Sunday morning.
  • We are accepting bids for 2021 and asking you to plan for 2022. If you have something ready to share already, you can present this at our Sunday morning meeting. We currently no of no 2021 or 2022 bids.