Theme: Sharing, Solving and Scaling Solutions

2023 Program:

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2023 Members Meeting Minutes:

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2023 Crowd Sourced Notes:

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FRIDAY September 8, 2023

Virtual and Hybrid Events: The Pressing Need for Pre-Production

PRESENTER(S): Laura S., St. Louis MO (In-Person)

Helping Online Intergroup Manage A Meeting Directory At Scale

PRESENTER(S): Josh R., Mountain View CA, Matt B., New Zealand (In-Person)

SATURDAY, September 9, 2023

Virtual Meetings: Best Practices
Royce E., Freehold Twnshp, NJ (In-Person)

What’s New: A 2023 Technology Update from AAWS

PRESENTER(S): Clorinda V., Communications Director, Lorna G., Technology Services, Tracey G., GSO Senior Digital Strategist (Online)

What’s New II: A 2023 Technology Update from The Grapevine
Niurka M, Web Coordinator, Wendell O., Digital Coordinator (In-Person)

AI for AA: The Potential for Generative AI to Enhance and Support AA

PRESENTER(S): Lois L., St. Louis MO (In-Person)

DIY Usability Testing for Better AA Websites
Melissa E., Durham NC (Online)


AI for AA: Bringing New Depth to the Meeting List
Matthew L., Long Beach, CA (Online)

How Australia is Dancing the Digital 12 Steps
Lachlan B., Sydney AU (Online)

How to Most Effectively Use AA Literature in a Virtual Setting

PRESENTER(S): Lisa R., Albany CA (Online)


SUNDAY, September 10, 2023

Mostly Off the Shelf Solutions From a Small Intergroup

PRESENTER(S): Doug G., Winchester, VA (In-Person)

Solving Our Common Problems: A Technology Update from TIAA

PRESENTER(S): Joel G., Houston, TX, Scott F., Bethlehem, PA (In-Person)

NAATW Members’ Meeting
The NAATW Steering Committee’s report back to the NAATW members.
Election of new NAATW Steering Committee members.