Bring NAATW to your city!

Bringing NAATW to your city can really help spark enthusiasm for technology service in your area. Hosting NAATW is relatively simple. As a host, your job is to organize local volunteers (for hospitality, transportation, and possibly meals), coordinate with the NAATW Steering Committee, and provide hands-on, in-person support during the event. The Steering Committee is responsible for workshop content, online registration, and hotel negotiations.

How submitting a bid works

  1. NAATW accepts bids from Areas, Districts, Intergroups, Central Offices or other AA entities to host the annual NAATW workshop for the following year. 
  2. AA entities wishing to bid will complete the NAATW Host Bid Form available online and via download from this page.
    NOTE:  Filling out the form is expected to be an interactive process between the bid committee and the NAATW Alternate Chair at  The Alt Chair is available to answer questions, make suggestions, etc.
  3. At the NAATW Workshop, AA entities who have submitted bids will make a short, 10-minute presentation on the bid.  
  4. Immediately after the workshop, the NAATW Steering Committee will select a site and begin final negotiations with the Hotel.

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