National AA Technology Workshop (NAATW)Organizing Charter and Principles

Last approved
November 1, 2016
Converted to this format
September 9, 2019


National AA Technology Workshop (NAATW) is the name used for both an annual event (Workshop) and the organization responsible for putting on this event.

The NAATW organization is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) registered as an Association in the State of Colorado with the title of “National Technology Workshop”.


The purpose of the NAATW organization is to plan for and conduct an annual Workshop Event, as well as, any associated supporting activities.

The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a venue to encourage the sharing of experience, strength, and hope regarding technology as it relates to AA.

The Workshop is intended to be national in geographic scope for both the United States and Canada as currently defined by the boundaries of Alcoholics Anonymous in North America.


A member of the NAATW is anyone who decides to be a member of NAATW.

A voting member of NAATW is a registered attendee present at the Workshop Annual Member Meeting.

Delegated Responsibility and Authority

Overall responsibility and operating authority for the NAATW organization and its activities, policies, procedures and reporting is delegated to the “NAATW Steering Committee”.

This Steering Committee is elected annually at the NAATW Annual Member Meeting by the voting members of NAATW.


There are no dues or fees for membership.

Both the NAATW organization and the Workshop are sponsored and funded by its members and the attendees of its event(s).

Events will generally have registration fees and the NAATW organization may seek the funding of a reserve (seed) fund through voluntary contributions of its members.


Modifications to the NAATW Organizing Charter and Principles may be made by two thirds (2/3) approval of the voting members at the NAATW Annual Member Meeting.

NAATW Steering Committee Composition and Operating Principles


There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eleven (11) Steering Committee Members.

The current size of the Steering Committee “roster” is determined by the Steering Committee based on current needs.

The number of Steering Committee Members should be, if possible, an odd number.


The Steering Committee will hold regular meetings and may hold special meetings.

Decisions may be taken if there exists a quorum of fifty percent (50%) of currently serving Steering Committee members present at a meeting.

Regular Steering Committee meetings:

  • The Steering Committee meets at least quarterly and more often as necessary to conduct its business as called by the Chair.
  • Steering Committee meetings may be conducted via conference call or other electronic format.
  • At least ten (10) days’ notice will be necessary to schedule a Steering Committee meeting unless the Steering Committee unanimously waives meeting notice.
  • A Steering Committee meeting may be cancelled without notice.

Special Steering Committee meetings:

  • A Special Steering Committee meeting may be called by the Chair providing a minimum of a three (3) week notice unless the Steering Committee unanimously waives notice.
  • Any two members may call a special meeting providing a sixty (60) day notice and a written purpose and agenda for the meeting.  Notice for a special meeting is requested through the Steering Committee Secretary.
  • The venue may be electronic or in-person.
  • May be cancelled with unanimous agreement from the entire committee.

Removal from Steering Committee

  • A member of the Steering Committee may be removed by a vote of at least three quarters (3/4) of the Steering Committee.


  • A Workshop Period starts after the close of one Workshop Event and completes at the close of the following Workshop Event.
  • Committee members serve a maximum of five (5) Workshop Periods, intended to be successive.


  • Mid-term vacancies may be filled by two thirds (2/3) vote of the Steering Committee.

Nominations and Elections of Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee Members will be elected at the annual NAATW Business Meeting in three sections.

  • Continuing Steering Committee Members.  The Steering Committee will present a slate of current Steering Committee Members for the upcoming term to the annual business meeting for disapproval, if any, by two thirds (2/3) vote of voting members.
  • New Steering Committee Members.  Any remaining vacancies of the Steering Committee Roster will be filled, for each vacant position, at the annual business meeting by nomination and confirming plurality of voting members.
  • Slate of Officers.  The Steering Committee will propose a slate of Officers for the upcoming term to the annual business meeting for disapproval, if any, by two thirds (2/3) vote of voting members.

Steering Committee Member, Positions and Subcommittees

The Steering Committee shall have at a minimum a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Other positions and subcommittees may be designated and defined as needed.

Each Steering Committee member:

  • Will be invited and is expected to participate with a vote in any and all steering committee meetings.
  • Is agreeable to serve a maximum of five (5) successive Workshop Periods commitment.
  • Technical and/or Non-Technical experience in conjunction with technology use in AA is preferred.
  • Service experience within the service structure, intergroup, conventions, conferences, and assemblies will be helpful.


  • Shall have served at least one prior Workshop Period on the Steering Committee, preferably in another officer role.
  • May serve as Chairperson for a single Workshop Period only.
  • Shall chair Steering Committee meetings.
  • Shall chair the Annual Members meeting.
  • Is ultimately responsible for the Workshop program with input from applicable committees.
  • Coordinates opportunities for a positive Workshop experience.
  • Appoints standing committees’ chairpersons, to be ratified by the Steering Committee.
  • May form ad-hoc committees and appoint their chairpersons as needed.


  • Service for at least one prior Workshop Period on the Steering Committee is preferred.
  • May serve as Treasurer for a Workshop Period only.
  • Produces any and all necessary annual, as well as, periodic financial reports for NAATW as a whole in a timely manner.
  • Tracks and allocates any funding for active Workshop committees.
  • Ensures that all Host committee reporting is consolidated in overall NAATW financial reporting.
  • Files proper reports to comply with any and all applicable Governmental regulations.


  • Service for at least one prior Workshop Period on the Steering Committee is preferred.
  • May serve as Secretary for a single Workshop Period only.
  • Responsible for producing and keeping minutes of Steering Committee meetings.
  • Responsible for producing and keeping minutes of the Annual Members meeting.
  • Responsible for oversight of the NAATW mailing list and accompanying email service.


  • Relevant direct technical experience is required.
  • Experience with AA and its service activities is preferred.
  • May serve as Technologist for two (2) terms.
  • Provides focus to the technology functions of NAATW.
  • Brings a technical perspective and expertise.
  • Specifically focuses on community leadership for technical interests.
  • Recruits volunteers for technical functions.