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The Workshop may be scheduled for a weekend between September and Thanksgiving. Already announced dates by other major National AA Events should be considered as Blackout dates. These can be found on the event calendar or from the NAATW Committee.
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MM slash DD slash YYYY
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Usually hotels will honor their discount rate a couple of days before and after the event.
Is there a complimentary hotel bus / shuttle/ van service available to and from airport?
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Approximate $ amt. to/from the airport

Facility Requirements

There is a need for one large room (SEAT 150) for Workshop meetings and at least 2 to 3 breakout rooms (SEAT 50-75) for workshops and meetings. An additional suite or hotel area should be available for hospitality.
Can we make our own coffee in the hospitality room?
This is needed if we can’t make our own coffee.

Meeting Room Prices

Meeting room price may be based on Room occupancy. We generally have around 150 room nights.
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Based on room occupancy of # of rooms per night
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Price of Meeting Rooms
Based on room occupancy of # of rooms per night

Event Technology Requirements

NAATW traditionally records audio and screensharing during its events. Those needs are continuously evolving, and may include needs associated with hybrid events. At a minimum Microphones, speakers, projectors, and screens are needed in the meeting spaces, the steering committee will work with the host committee to plan for necessary event technologies. It is important to understand what the hotel can offer and fees associated with technology needs for the event.
Describe availability in Meeting rooms and Guest rooms.

Proposed Budget

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Hospitality Room Items (food, soda, water, plates etc.)
Hospitality Room Coffee (coffee, creamer, sugar, cups)
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