Bowling Green Kentucky September 20-22, 2019

2019 Workshop Report

2019 Full Program

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Friday, September, 20, 2019
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Concepts, Conflict and Community
This session provides an overview of what the 12 Concepts of
World Service say about the role of conflict in creating and
maintaining community.
Don M. – Broomfield, CO
Connecting Remote Communities
In this panel presentation we heard from three AA members
who are a part of remote communities that utilize technologies as a
way to connect to AA.
Susan W. – Austin, TX,
Tim R. – RV Nomad,
Elizabeth J. – Beverly Hills, FL
GSO Web/App Updates
In this session you’ll hear from GSO staff on status, planning and
updates for AA.ORG and the Meeting Guide App and general updates
on additional
technology related topics from GSO.
Clement C. – New York, NY, GSO,
Julie G. – New York, NY, GSO
Coding Websites for Other LanguagesCheri J. – Kansas City, MO
Connecting through Technology at the Area LevelRoyce E. – Freehold, NJ
Digital Archiving, File Management and RotationJoel G. – Houston, TX
No Code App Development for AARob C. – Belleville, IL
TIAA Forum UpdateKeith D. – Dallas, TX
Birds of a Feather – Sessions 1, 2, 3Various
Birds of a Feather – Sessions 4, 5, 6 Various
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Presenters Session Page
Technology Practices in Other CountriesPaul S. – Kunming, Yunnan,
Nagini V. – Pitea, Sweden,
Sean W. – China
12 Step Technology – Email and ChatKeith D. – Dallas, TX,
Ross D. – Oklahoma City, OK
Google and Microsoft Platforms for AABruce R. – Mount Arlington, NJ,
Alex M. – Washington DC
Cultural Effects of Technology on AABrian P. – Los Angeles, CA
Sharing Technology from Areas to Districts Chris W. – Columbia, MO,
Peter M. – St. Louis, MO
Simplifying the Digital BasketChristina R. – Stockton, CA
NAATW Future Website DiscussionBlaine B. – Andover, MA,
Alex M. – Washington DC
Using Technology to Enhance AA ConferencesPhillip C. – Nashville, TN,
Spencer W. – Atlanta, GA
Visions for the GrapevineDon M. – Bloomfield, CO
Bridging AA Communication GapsTerry P. – Columbia, MD
Meeting and Group Data – Using AirTableAdam S. – Albany, NY
Call Up AA Meeting – Technology and My Recovery (sharing)Various

Sunday, September 22, 2019
Annual Members’ Meeting meeting minutes