The National AA Technology Workshop

NAATW is the National AA Technology Workshop. The Workshop is an annual event where those interested in using technology in service to Alcoholics Anonymous gather to share experience. The Workshop is a place to share ideas, connect with other AAs interested in technology, and bring these ideas back to our respective homes.

We are an Organization. As an organization we ensure the continuity of the Workshop; produce, preserve, and share the Workshop content (where possible); and act as a clearinghouse for connecting people interested in our mission of using Technology to serve AA’s mission.

We are AA Members with no special authority. We are here to serve regarding technology. We are invited guests who are not affiliated with the General Service Organization of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are a small team of volunteers with broad experience across technology fields. Our financial resources are limited.

What We Do :

  • Suggest roles to focus on this area of SERVICE
  • Encourage the sharing of solutions that prove useful and any related EXPERIENCE
  • Offer experience to other AA Service COMMITTEES
  • Evolve deeper service GUIDELINES and insights into applying our TRADITIONS.

What We Do Not Do :

  • Create software to SOLVE all AA’s problems
  • Create a central IT group to DECIDE things
  • Provide a LIST of “conference approved” technologies and vendors
  • Do the job of EXISTING AA Service committees
  • Tell AA groups the CORRECT way or what their requirements should be.

Charter and organizing principles