2022 NAATW Workshop, Seattle, Hosted by Area 72

Date: September 9-11, 2022
Theme: Moving Forward Together

The 2022 NAATW Workshop committee is excited to present an immersive experience in-person at the Hotel Interurban, Seattle, WA and online via Zoom

The workshop will kick off at noon on Friday Pacific time and ends mid afternoon on Sunday – plan your travel accordingly

About the workshop:

The Workshop is an annual event where those interested in using technology in service to Alcoholics Anonymous gather to share experience. It provides a place to share ideas, connect with other A.A.s interested in technology, and bring these ideas back to our respective local areas. Sessions are suggested and presented by our members who submit ideas for sessions.  Got an idea? Submit it by clicking the button below. 


This year will be the first time we are hosting a hybrid event! Because of this, we are investing some resources to deliver a quality experience that we hope to share with our members. We will be offering paid meal options you can add to in-person attendee registrations. If you are able please consider supporting the event by booking a room, adding on a meal, or purchasing online registrations for friends. Seattle is a great place to have an event but it is also expensive – so our costs this year are higher.

Please share information about the 2022 NAATW Workshop with those you think might be interested.

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Hotel Interurban

Our in-person event will be held at
Hotel Interurban
223 Andover Park East, Tukwila, WA 98188

Room Rate: Two Queens $139/night – One King $129/night. Onsite parking is available for $10 per night

The hotel is conveniently located near the SeaTac airport. Use Group Code NAATW or click below for a direct booking link.

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Draft Program

The 2022 NAATW Workshop program will be posted as we get closer to the event but every NAATW includes: How-Tos and Demos, Examples of Technology in Action and Topics that relate to the theme.

The 2022 NAATW Workshop will focus on unifying technologies. We also plan to include watch parties of past sessions and a solutions segment where we can work together to solve tech problems.


Noon: Technology and the principles of AA

1pm-4pm: Multi-track sessions and sharing

6pm: Dinner Break – Onsite Buffet Dinner available for fee

8pm on: Birds of a Feather sessions


8am: Recover together with your choice of meditation meeting or group exercise

9:30am-Noon: Single session

Noon: Lunch Break – Box lunch available for fee

1pm-5:30pm: Multi-track sessions and sharing

6pm-8pm: Dinner on your own

8:30am: Call Up meeting


8am: Recover together with your choice of meditation meeting or group exercise

9:30am-10:30am: Single session

11am-1pm: Members Meeting – Bid presentations – Workshop recap

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Frequently asked Questions


Q: As a first time attendee, what should I know first?

This is a Technology Workshop. We encourage you to use technology as a means of communication during and after the Workshop sessions. Bring your smartphones, tablets, and laptops! They will be used during the Workshop.

All sessions will be streamed and recorded with the intention of being available over the Internet. Please respect anonymity.

Q: Is it ok to have my computer or phone open during the sessions?

Yes. This is a Technology Workshop. We are using technology in ways we have never done before — to connect, communicate, and share. Multitasking can sometimes make people less productive and less present but there is always a balance to this.

We will be creating channel(s) on third party chat applications like Slack or Discord to facilitate conversation and sharing of ideas with other participants, questions to the committee or to a speaker along with general comments. More information to follow.

NAATW does not endorse any particular platform.

Q: How do I get the 2022 NAATW Workshop Report?

We do not create a Workshop Report. Please collaborate with other attendees to create a report together. Details on how to collaborate are found in the will be provided on the communication channel.

A google doc will be created for such sharing. Anyone with the link can add or edit the document.

It is understand that there are anonymity concerns with the use of such Google documents. So if you do not wish to participate in the collaboration, please post comments in the slack channel and ask someone to add it to the report.

A PDF of the document will be generated for distribution to all registered participants approximately one week after the Conference.

Q: How do I get the Session Media?

Anonymized recordings will be made available through our website. We will not show faces or last names.

Q: You are recording, what about anonymity?

The following statement will be read at the beginning of every meeting: “Please help us honor our Tradition of Anonymity by using first names only. We remind you especially to do so when speaking from the floor microphone during all question and answer periods. Should you hear a full name during this session, please write down the time and room where this occurred and share this with the taper immediately after the session or even better drop this information in the Workshop chat platform channel.”

Q: Where and when do we eat?

Meals will be available at the venue at a cost. More details to follow.

Q: What’s happening on Sunday?

For starters, the NAATW Chair will share their experience, strength, and hope in the form of our annual report.

Plans for 2023 will be announced and bids for 2024 will be presented.

Next year’s officers will be elected.

Nominations will be received and elections for any open Steering Committee positions will be held. Service experience is desired.

We’ll have a closing session in the final hour where we celebrate this year’s Workshop, exchange information on how to stay connected, and share on what went well and what can be improved upon.

Q: What’s the dress for the Workshop?

Wear what you would normally wear to an AA meeting. Most people will be in jeans and a T-shirt, some in shorts, some in Business or Business casual.

Q: There’s a survey?

Yes there will be a survey. Link will be provided during the event.


Q: What is TIAA? How are NAATW and TIAA related?

TIAA is the Technology in AA online Forums. TIAA was started after our second Conference by members who attended the Conference.

It is a different organization from NAATW. Yet we are closely related. Our membership overlaps.

We have formed a sub committee that is in active discussions on how the two organizations can best serve our membership and work with each other.

Q: Who is a member of NAATW?

You are!

The only requirement to be a voting member of NAATW is to be present at our annual members meeting on Sunday.

Q: How do I get involved in service within NAATW?

Attend the members meeting on Sunday (that goes without saying).

Stand for one of the open Steering Committee positions.

Send an email to info@naatw.org and tell us that you’d like to help. Or just talk to any Steering Committee member.

Q: How do I bid to host a future Workshop?

See http://naatw.org/bidding-for-future-workshops

We try to move the Workshop around geographically. Ideally we’d follow a schedule that goes somewhere in the middle of the country every other year and to each coast every fourth year. In practicality, we go wherever someone is willing to host.

Talk to any Steering Committee Member to let us know your intention, or just send an email to chair@naatw.org.

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2022 NAATW Workshop Volunteer Form

The Host Committee needs feet on the ground at the venue and our Tech Crew needs Zoom co-hosts.
City, State and Country
This will help us plan assignments
Describe any experience you have with hybrid (in-person and online) events. How could you help the committee?
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