Theme: ‘AA and Technology in a Time of Change’

As we emerge from the pandemic: technology lessons learned, what worked, what didn’t and where we go from here

Crowd-sourced Notes:

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AA’s Coming of Age with Technology A history of AA service embracing
and not embracing technology from 1955 to today.
Billy N.
AA Around the World: Japan AAs adaptation of technology How Japan AA
pivoted to online virtual experiences for their General Service Conference,
45th Anniversary Convention and AOSM – Asia Oceanic Service

Shared by the Japan AA General Service Board Chair, General Service Office
GM, and Japan AA GSB Technology Committee member.
* this session will be translated to English
Yuzo M.
Fuminobu A.
Hiroyuki K.
Now that We’ve Figured Out Virtual, Let’s Do Hybrid A sharing of experiences
implementing hybrid (online and in-person) scaling from the home group to an
area assembly.
Joyce C., Mike M.
Tommy S., Laura S.
Mike W.
Lightening Talks
Short presentations including: Converting the Intergroup landline to a web-based
phone system, Technology to carry the message to institutions and isolated
communities and Meeting Manager: Web-based Meeting Guide
Cindy M.
John E.
Jim B.
TIAA Forum Update and Status
An update on the TIAA Forum, where we are and what is in the pipeline.
Ross D.
Open-Source Software Projects Update
An update of open-source meeting management projects being developed by
AA members in support of helping AA service entities make their meeting
information available to Meeting Guide and on websites.
Tim R.
Brian W.
PI (Public Information) Discovered: Ensuring AA is found by those who need it
Best practices for AA websites including SEO (how searches find your website),
Google Business listings, and scrubbing documentation to protect anonymity.
Tim C.
Jen W.
Let’s Talk Technology with our General Service Office
A panel of our General Service Office staff and AAWS Technology Chair will share
and field questions about current and future AA technology initiatives.
Tracey G.
Patrick C.
Lorna G.
Beau B.
Birds of a Feather SessionsAll
Fellowship to the Rescue: The Inside Story of the First Virtual
General Service Conference A panel of our General Service Office staff and
AAWS Technology Chair will share and field questions about current and
future AA technology initiatives.
Beau B., Mike W.
Matt C., Greg T.
NAATW Members’ Meeting
The NAATW Steering Committee’s report back to the NAATW members.
Election of new NAATW Steering Committee members.
The 12 Traditions in the Digital World
The different ways we can all take part in the weaving of the protective
mantle that covers online AA.
Carrie B., Craig W.
Billy N., Dee G.
Concept 12: Vital Principles for Effective Teamwork
Our spiritual foundation for AA’s world services, the Warranties provide us
sound guidance on how to do the business of AA Service.
Buck R.
How will Online Groups have their voices’ heard? A trending topic in our
Fellowship, how can an online-only group with no physical address have a
voice in AA’s General Service structure?
Jeff B.
Jennifer B.
Gayle F.